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Golf academy

Global Play Golf offer a suite of coaching applications as well as the highly effective Club fitting concept adopted by Europe’s leading retailers. The coaching software allows the academy to offer real club head and ball analysis provided by the Light Speed technology in a highly visual exciting way. The fantastic software, impact analysis and target scoring provide the perfect learning platform for any golfer.

The Light Speed coaching system was designed for golfers of any age and ability allowing even the most novice of golfers to benefit from the technology. Due to the nature of the Light Speed technology which captures over 5 million data samples a second through the complex impact of a golf shot the coaching software is able to provide both the instructor and pupil unparalleled club head information.


HiSpeed Golf365

Global Play Golf is keen to grow the game of golf by providing exciting new applications on an indoor/outdoor golfing platform to allow all levels of golfer to play courses, participate in warm up exercises and enter challenges.

Hi Speed Golf365 is a new concept that uses the Light Speed club head data capture technology which has been used and tested in the club fitting sector with great success. By capturing over 5 million data samples a second at the point of impact and thereafter, GPG are able to gain information about the club head and ball that could never before be captured therefore providing unrivalled feedback on this complex impact scenario.


Club fitting

Global Play Golf are working with some of Europe’s leading golf retailers changing the retail club fitting concept. Global Play Golf’s Light Speed club fitting concept is revolutionising club fitting by providing an impact analyser that measures the club head and ball through the point of impact. This provides the club fitter for the first time with highly accurate real club head and ball data, which is of upmost importance when fitting golf clubs.

Requiring ZERO set up the Light Speed system was designed with the club fitter in mind, allowing for instant club comparison on one analysis screen. With easy to read exciting visuals the sales process is more enjoyable and less intimidating leading to extremely high closure rates.


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